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MAR 23.2013
Sam Mellace Gives CityTV a tour of New Age Medical Clinics

JUL 3.2013
Letter from the Minister of Health: Canada’s medical marijuana policy provides access while protecting safety

JUN 6.2013
Judge dismisses bid for extension on medical marijuana changes

APR 17.2013
Pharmaceutical Companies Rush To Patent Medical Marijuana

MAR 26.2013
New Danforth clinic opened to provide family health care, not sell marijuana, says owner

MAR 20.2013
Diabetes could be beaten by cannabis?
New revolutionary pills

MAR 20.2013
Medical marijuana lands on RDCK table

MAR 15.2013
New Age Medical Clinics Dedication to Jack Layton

MAR 05.2013
Clinic poised to become Canada’s first regulated marijuana distributor
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JAN 24.2012
Sam Mellace on CBC Radio ~
EYE-OPENER in Calgary

DEC 05.2012
Sam Mellace à Radio-Canada CBC
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MAR 11.2011
Sam Mellace on CBC – Rip-offs at legal B.C. grow-ops a growing
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OCT 07.2010
World Wide Coverage of Sam’s Marijuana Protest in House of Commons

OCT 06.2010
Censored Sam Mellace CBC Interview

OCT 04.2010
B.C. man’s pot plan creating quite a buzz!

OCT 04.2010
A License to Grow a Landmark Amount of Weed

OCT 06.2010
Sam Mellace’s Statement of Issues

OCT 03.2010
There’s no Business like Grow Business